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Solar folding VietNam. Easy Installation. Easy to carry

Solar folding VietNam. Easy Installation. Easy to carry
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Solar might be the future, but few people and businesses can afford to invest in the technology. The Solar Folding Vietnam is the first personal, portable solar energy generator capable of providing power anywhere.

Solar Folding Vietnam

Easy Installation

Developed to democratize renewable energy for all consumers, the Solar Folding Vietnam is capable of providing clean energy to the “untapped market” of home renters. Including tiny home dwellers and van-lifers. In essence, the one device makes clean, reliable power accessible to everyone. And provides the tools required to collect, store, convert and manage solar energy.

Solar Folding Vietnam

Solar Folding Vietnam

Compact design, easy to carry

The Solar Folding Vietnam is a permanent solution to obtaining solar energy, and the purchase and installation costs are as least half of other market alternatives.

The unique invention will ensure more people have access to clean, renewable energy and, as a result, will provide innumerable benefits to the environment.

Productions by the Solar Power Vietnam. The first factory produces both monocrystallines and polycrystalline solar panels in Vietnam

Solar Power Vietnam Co.,JSC recognized that solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 68 percent, but fails to be adopted by consumers on a mass level due to economic challenges. Equipped with this knowledge, the company decided to develop the first fully-integrated system that can provide an all-in-one, scalable solution to renewable energy.

Solar Power Vietnam – the first factory produces both monocrystallines and polycrystalline solar panels in Vietnam. Always considered the leading quality, Solar Power Vietnam has received the trust of the majority of customers for its solar battery products.

Solar Power Vietnam is one of the largest suppliers and integrators of solar power and renewable energy products in Vietnam. Supplying quality products, service and advice for over thousands of customer. We can help you with all of your solar energy needs. If you are looking for solar panels viet nam. Looking for solar systems or other solar related products, please contact us for contact information. Our website contains a wealth of technical information, product specifications, pricing and sample calculations. You can shop online with secure ordering at any time of the day. Or contact us by phone or email to place your order offline during business hours.

Contact Information:

Factory:           230-230A Vo Van Bich St., Village 4B, Binh My Ward, Cu Chi Dist., HCM City

Office:              86/58 Pho Quang St.,Ward 2, Tan Binh Dist., HCM City

Website :        www.solarpowervietnam.com

Hotline:          +8428 2227 8338 * +84 908397207

Email:             sale@solarvietnam.vn